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  • We want to help students thrive;  the true potential of students is often underestimated and neglected.
  • 60% of students hold a job during their degree, but less than half of them feel their work is fulfilling and relevant to their future career interests.
  • At Student Contracts we believe you are well on your way to expertise in your relevant field and as such the work available to you should not be limited to retail and service industries, but a wide expanse of exciting jobs.
  • Sign up today and you may well land a job that broadens your career horizons and remains an asset to you for life!


  • At Student Contracts we aim to provide businesses with a wide pool of untapped potential in the form of ambitious student workers.
  • The historic drawback to hiring students has always been the risk associated with a relative lack of experience on the part of the employee;  We nullify this worry by providing a rating system, enabled you to select the prime candidate based on the excellence of their previous work.
  • Employing students enables a mutually beneficial relationship which works to provide the student experience, while also helping the company grow through cost-effective bespoke employment terms.
  • Browse today and pair your business with an exciting young go-getter ready to help elevate your company to the next level!
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